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Let It Be Already

by the Due Diligence

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released July 17, 2012

Recorded live to tape at Basement Floods Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Alex P - Bass, Engineering
Charles Goold - Drums
Isaac Gillespie - Vocals & Guitar

Many thanks to Ben Sadock who contributed piano to 'Moment'
and Adam Schatz who laid farfisa jamz on 'the Mute Scoot'



all rights reserved


the Due Diligence New York, New York

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Track Name: Freeze
Everybody freeze,
my girl walks in the room
It's armed robbery,
can't noone keep their shit

But you know that she's
cool, calm collected
like a bullet on a breeze

Girl, you know what you do to me

From the greatest to the least
there's not another like her
West comes round to East
No, she's the only one

Beauty with the beast
She's an enigma, stylistically unique

Girl, you know what you do to me

Opportunity is heating up the room
It's ninety nine degrees,
she's walking right this way!
Close proximity,
the fabric hanging loose
and high above the knee

Girl, you know what you do to me
Track Name: The Reason Young People Use Drugs (Abner Jay)
The reason young people use drugs,
they are hungry, tired and fed up
Not just the youth,
the blacks, the whites, the poor and the well-to-do

They are hungry for love
They are tired of promises
They are fed up with conditions
Lord, have mercy on the whole earth

- Abner Jay
Track Name: Moment
Show me your secrets, show me your shame
I wanna know you like a child again
I want to love you, please let me in
Lift back your veil awhile one time for me

But it was only just a moment
All we did was kid around
Please don't say that you feel sorry for
the way things were when all that shit went down

Remember how we thought we owned it
in the back rooms after hours
It was only just a moment
Track Name: Jesus, Richmond
Jesus went to Richmond
He checked into a flophouse
He gets a check from unemployment
He gets enough to set aside

You come on into my kitchen
playing Pocahontas
Can't you see I'm trying to make an honest
situation out of this?

Christ, you're lookin spotty
What are you, crashing on a friend's couch?
You're gonna trash this broken body
with all the vino through the veins
Track Name: the Mute Scoot
Come on, people, let's do the Mute Scoot!
It's a brand new move to make the shake-a-leg moot!
It's just a piece of a pie, there's not a single thing to it!
So come on, baby, let's do the Mute Scoot!

I went out last Friday with a juicy new fruit!
She was as soft as a peach and so I started to chew it!
She said "My papa's to home, I don't think we should do it!"
I said, "It's okay! We can do the Mute Scoot!"

So come on, people, let's do the Mute Scoot!
It's the talk of the nation! All the prude shrews hoot!
So put the Bacharach back with all the tacky zoot suits!
Coz' everybody knows it's the Mute Scoot!