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I Will Wreck Your Life

by the Due Diligence

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The Due Diligence is the brainchild of antifolk songwriter Isaac Gillespie. The name comes from a jam session he once had with Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart while on a boat in the Hudson River. As the jam progressed, Hart suddenly challenged Gillespie to play every Grateful Dead song to a Bo Diddley beat. Gillespie complied and Hart was so impressed that he called Dead-bandmate Bob Weir to leave a voicemail recording of the session. "Hey, that's Diligence!" Hart remarked off-handedly and Gillespie was re-christened Isaac Diligence, destined to spread the gospel of rootsy songs set over funky rhythms.

The first incarnation of the Due Diligence appeared in summer of 2009, drawing members from established New York groups such as the Shivers, Big Tree and Relatives. Over the next two years, the group slowly worked on their full-length debut LP. The result is "I Will Wreck Your Life"; ten rollicking country/soul hits about breaking up and getting yourself together. Inspired by the Band, Neil Young and Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue, the Due Diligence captures a powerful charging sound that somehow pushes forward while also settling back into a relaxed groove.

By the beginning of 2011, the band had settled into the regular trio of Isaac Diligence playing guitar and singing, Charles Wiley on the drums and Alex P on the bass. They have played all over New York and the East Coast, sharing bills with acts such as the David Wax Museum, Shilpa Ray and Franz Nicolay.


To contact the Due Diligence for any reason, please write to info@iwillwreckyourlife.com

For news & musings, check out iwillwreckyourlife.tumblr.com

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released May 29, 2011

On "I Will Wreck Your Life," the Due Diligence is:
Isaac Diligence - Guitar & Vocals
Morgan Heringer - Vocals
Alex P - Slide Guitar
Ben Sadock - Bass
Jo Schornikow - Piano
Colin Fahrner - Drums

with some help from Gabriel Gall, Charles Goold, Ian Chang, Connell Thompson, Julian Lopez, Ben Krieger, 'Crazy' Chris Urban, Aaron Invisible, CW Gillespie, Katey Sleeveless, Scott Rudd, Dan Gillespie, DJ Ceiba aka Brother Sean & Keith Zariello

Recorded by Alex P Wernquest at Basement Floods, Brian Speaker at the Brooklyn Tea Party and Ross Procaccio at 6611 studios. Mixed by Alex Mead-Fox & Tom Tierney at Spaceman Sound. Mastered by Alex Saltz at APS Mastering.






all rights reserved


the Due Diligence New York, New York

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Track Name: Crucifixion
You caught me on the way to the crucifixion
I was running down the road. I had to see what's going on
To see was it for real. But you stopped me on the road
You said “Brother, maybe you believe that
but no one else here does

And so I arrived too late - for the crucifixion
All the circus tents were down. I had to watch it on TV.
They reran it on TV, I tried to see what's going on.

But it was too far away
And they only shot it from behind

Jesus Christ came back and they nailed him up again
It all happened too fast. Quickly everyone was gone
And how the hell do you know just what everyone believes?

I guess I'll just have to wait and see
if he comes by this way again

Oh, you who love truth you know where it is
But you've got to grab it fast
‘cause you never can place it
Look to the stars
Greenwich village boutiques
And when you see a flash
go and find what's going on
don't let them stop you on the road
don't let them tell you how it is
Track Name: I Will Wreck Your Life
I will wreck your life but a little more slowly
Not like heroin, but much more like booze
I will sap your wallet just like cigarettes
I will weigh your body down like bad cheap food

I don't remember the first time i kissed her
but I do remember having to tell you
If I could I'd have told you that
I never would have kissed her
but what's the point of lying? I was in the mood


You may call me a scoundrel, you may call me a liar
You may call me a blackguard and man of ill counsel
You may call me an asshole, you may call me a fiend
You may say that I'm controlling
And a tyrant! And a pistol!


[Julian Lopez:]
At nineteen, he was boyish
And at twenty, he was quick
At twenty-one, he was charming
Twenty-two, he was just slick
By twenty-three, he was a cheater
It was worse at twenty-four
And it was all you could do to hope
It wasn't twenty five years more


And in all your dealings you're just trying to be fair
And sometimes you don't understand just how you feel
But you would do anything for a person that you loved
And if you'd loved me forever you were prepared to die
Track Name: Pour Pity
Pour pity on me
Pour pity on me
For I'm not the way
that I aim to be
Pour pity on me

Who do you love the most?
Who do you lobe the most?
For I'm not afraid
of some other man's ghost
Who do you love the most

Tell me you love me
Tell me you love me
These things never turn out
how I want them to be
Tell me you love me
Track Name: Rain In the City
All through the city
walk past restaurants and stores
You'll see the daily specials written
in colored chalk across clapboards

But then comes the rain
to wash those offers all away
Don't you walk away from me today

[Morgan Heringer:]
When we got together
you thought that everything i did was cool
And sure we had our differences
but baby loving always was the rule

But something has come in
to take us away from where we used to be
Baby, you no longer think of me

Darling, I don't know why we fuss and fight
But just as the perfect cup of coffee still requires
milk and sugar, we'll get it right by and by
Track Name: The Very First Song
The day is nigh
when I will find
your hair on my sweater

And we will dispense
with the constabulary
procedures of telephone

So breathe deeply love,
this is the very first song

Whiskey and beer
I want you here
at this time in this place
around me

And too much cheap booze
in ones and in twos
has the means and the motive
to surround me

So breathe deeply love
this is the very first song

And nobody knows
how serious they are
until they get there

The fire is alive
inside of my eyes
and I know what it's worth

Sweet tooth and scars
is all that we are
in this turn of this bright green earth

So breathe deeply love,
this is the only song

And nobody knows
how serious they are
until they get there
Track Name: Antifolk Song
No, we don't smoke marijuana
No, it is not for our health
It's just because we don't wanna
and now you can go screw yourself

Yes, we are New York jews
spared by the holocaust,
haunted by what we've lost
keeping in time

Yes, we are you and me
Making humanity
Shining from sea to sea
Condemned to be free

We are the life of the party
We're your idea of a good time
You will be sorry if you try to say
We're not God's sweet gift straight to mankind

Yes, we are Jersey girls
Leanin' on what we got
Frightened by what we're not
Holding it in

Yes, we are you and me
Making humanity
Shining from sea to sea
Condemned to be free

Always to be on the edge
Often to be on time
Never to be bored or lazy
Rapture to be on your mind

Good Lord, we love our sweet coffee
On down times we love our sweet tea
Now we've never smelled any cocaine
But the appeal we're beginning to see

Yes, we are out of town
Clutching the wedding gown
Knee-deep in lost and found
Never letting it go

Yes, we are you and me
Making humanity
Shining from sea to sea
Condemned to be free
Track Name: Porch Song
Last thing I heard as you were
running out the room
is that you were scared to death
and you don't love me anymore

I, in that moment,
took a picture in my mind
and when I have occasion
am known to visit it sometimes

Please tell me why is it so
that you look most beautiful
in the moment I cut you the deepest?

And if you see the me from years ago
please, darling, let him know
that you had loved me for a time

Years later I was travelling through town
and I turned onto that road
and I stepped onto your porch

It seemed that there was noone home
so I took some trash from there
and made a monument to me

Where are you? What is memory?
And when we outlive ourselves
what do we become?

I've known you for eternity
and you still reach out to me
but you can never come back home

Please tell me where I go sometimes
and how I came to be the
apple of your eye

Compel me over past the line
and under and behind
the place where you once threw me
Track Name: Flannery
Flannery, can't you see
it's the year of jubilee?
Madeleine, friend of mine
don't you think your steppin kind of

Catch a line leave behind
nothing that you know you'd mind
owning up to when the time
comes to pay the fine

Sweet Louise, on your knees
nothing you won't do to please
Genevieve, it's time to leave
think on those that you bereave

Catch a toe you'll let them know
when it comes your time to go
On your way you can say
all what you've got to say

Broken tooth, a hundred proof
Everything is gospel truth
when the thing you meant to say
is better left unsaid
Track Name: Uncle Stephen
Uncle Stephen, Uncle Stephen
I want to love the one I love
Uncle Stephen, Uncle Stephen
I want to love the one I love

[Jo Schornikow] : The botox babies & Hitler honies
all want to love and have it made
I ain't askin' for sweet relaxin'
a candelabra in the shade

[Morgan Heringer:] Cigarettes & cynicism
will only get you so very far
My eyes seek stasis but it keeps changin
in the back of the whiskey car

Organized dancing and social religion
all register to me
as categories of stupid devotion
which we sincerely need

[Ben Sadock:] I'm getting sick of anarchists
who want a table built for two
in all the downtown chicken shacks
set up too street-wise for bathrooms

[Alex P:] I asked my pastor
and he said pussy
so I said 'Rev, I'm a little confused...'
He placed his paw upon my friend
And he said 'Son, well I am too'

[Isaac Diligence:] I want a girl
to take her shoes off
at the foot of my bed
And slip on in up to her shoulders
just like the television said.

[Everybody now:] Uncle Stephen, Uncle Stephen
I want to love the one I love
Uncle Stephen, Uncle Stephen
I want to love the one I love
Track Name: Widow's Walk
Because you only see me in the dark
You haven't recognized my poor condition
I've noticed you don't call me anymore
I'd like to think you're over what I said to you
the night you went away

I never realized you'd left my dreams
until you stopped in for a cameo appearance
I must confess you're looking well these days
I'd tell you so but I'm afraid
the kindly words would start a forest fire

These days I wonder where the money goes
I've spent on candy, Kerouac and cards
It often seems the funds what I've put out
could not conform to what I feel
the total is of all my gotten earnings

The lovers of your lifetime will reclaim you
You never can take back a thing you've said
All one can hope is that through all the flotsam
a piece of truth will make it home
to still the heart that waits on widow's walk