Your Doing It Wrong

by the Due Diligence

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We've got the king size We've got the queen size We've got the sofa-bed We're downin No-Doz Wonderin where the time goes Strung out and underfed We never take the day off for fear we'll miss the big payoff but don't let it slow you down Don't let it slow you down You've got to plug away at it as if somebody gives a shit though maybe no one ever does Amidst the strivers the rock n roll survivor laments I am a never-was And all the cool kids are really just high school kids Well, don't let it slow you down Don't let it slow you down
Burt Kocain 01:32
No lifestyle brands No influencers No market share No market forces No five year plan No seven habits No analytics No innovation Comfort is the enemy No interview No conversation No mandatory orientation and no inertia and no derision and no compulsion No expectations Comfort is the enemy No ambition No incantation No extradition No inhibition and no rendition No invitation, expectoration or renovation Comfort is the enemy
It takes all sorts of letting go I take it on the chin I take it on the chinny-chin I push it out it gets back in It takes all sorts of letting go She lays it on real thick She lays it on a little thick Everyone knows she wants his dick It takes all sorts of letting go It's coming round again I hear it coming round again I push it out it gets back in It takes all sorts of letting go
Yo! Don't leave your money on the table That's all you just had to ask Nobody's gonna give you what you couldn't even grasp Your backpack's always open! Dressed up in hand-me-downs All your friends you hung in high school with are too good for you now We work so hard for the grave in the yard (What's the rush?) The stones we push will not look back on us (Sisyphus) Yo, thanks for the sage advice
Rebel without a recourse Will without a way Two chairs and a three course But there's nothing left to say Seems you forgot you're just an urchin Thought you were the sea Found yourself holding up the ocean Nobody has to be that strong The time you stayed up all night prayin Jesus let the misery finally end Yeah you thought you'd change your luck tryna find a good enough fuck buddy What you needed was a fucking friend Suicidal ideation Something has surely got to give Either the wound or the temptation What kind of way is that to live? You've been holding onto something rotten almost all the time


Your Doing It Wrong is a gnarly rock album that I hope to still complete. These songs will not be on it but I still love them and I still love these demos. Thanks to Julian Fader, Carlos Hernandez, Julian Cubillos, Noga Shefi, Pablo Eluchans, Eric Read and Jason Nazary


released August 23, 2020


all rights reserved



the Due Diligence New York, New York

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